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Shrimp burger

Yes, it is true that Lent is over, but that should not be an impediment for you to allow yourself to delight your palate with the flavors that the sea has for you, that is why today the star of our blog is the delicious Shrimp. Burger.

Traditional hamburgers have their origin in Hamburg, hence their famous name, although we cannot be more precise with this since there are several people who dispute the honor of having been the first to place a steak between two loaves. However, its popularity is due to the social need for fast food, which is what has brought it to all parts of the world.

With the passage of time and changing needs, like any culinary dish, it has undergone modifications in terms of its ingredients and preparation, either only due to personal tastes of preferring some ingredients to others, or due to the total adaptation of the recipe. to the customs of a certain country. And being faithful to its mysterious origin, it is not surprising that we do not know where each of its variations came from, what we do know is that each of these is once again an incredible experience for our palate.

One of these variants, and that we have already mentioned before, is the one that replaces the traditional red meat with delicious and very fresh shrimp.

You crave it, right? Well, don't wait any longer and join us to learn about the preparation of this simple but delicious recipe from the hand of our chef, already known on the blog, Eleazar Villegas.

Si no te pudiste resistir a este platillo, no olvides visitarnos en el Hotel Real de Minas y disfrutarlo, esta y más recetas puedes verlas en nuestro canal de YouTube:

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